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Assalamualaikum and Welcome to my blog. The reason i make this blog is to cover up all my wasted time playing video games and stuff like that lol!. Nothing Special about me because im just a human just like you guys out there. I like to eat Village Fried Rice (its called Nasi Goreng Kampun in Malaysia) and yes im from Malaysia. Im happy to be in this peacefull country where all the races were such good people and kind hearted. Im 15 and curretnly studying at SMK Tunku Besar Tampin and i'm facing my PMR exam this 2009, which is sucks because my "powerfull" pc just moved in to my parent's room and i can only update this blog at our family first notebook, which was my brother now studying at Melbourne, Australlia. Okay thats it. Enjoy my blog!

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